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6 Winter Beauty Tips from DermaWand

Baby, it's cold outside!

Winter can really do a number on soft skin. This year, get prepared and learn how to fight back against the elements. DermaVitál products help protect your skin against winter damage, repair the damage that is done, and soothe your skin along the way.

Why is winter so hard on my skin?

Changes in air temperature and humidity are the cause of "winter itch" that dried out, flaky skin we all hate. The skin's natural cycle of renewal involves moderate water loss through evaporation. But when relative humidity is low (think of the dry air circulating at work, or when the furnace is turned up at home), moisture evaporates too rapidly from the skin. This causes that tight feeling and flakiness. The same thing happens when you soak in a hot tub or steaming bath - both feel great, but they deplete your skin of needed moisture. And if you enjoy any outdoor winter sports, you know how a cold, windy day can just wreak havoc on soft skin. DermaVitál products are based on the basic principle of hydration, and so are perfect for fighting off winter skin damage. It's a good idea to keep your favorite products on hand to use throughout the day to maintain soft, dewy skin - in your purse, car, or an office drawer.

Winter survival tips for your skin

1. CLEANSE - With our high quality Skin Cleanser
Before you begin any effective winter skin care treatment, you must make sure your skin has been thoroughly cleansed. Our skin cleanser is a high quality cleanser with a soapless formula that contains no drying alcohol. And it is designed to clean the skin using a unique selective mechanical entrapment system without stripping the skin of that necessary moisture. This formulation contains cucumber extract which has been proven to calm and soothe the skin's surface. And Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein helps retain moisture, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles on the skin's surface.

2. PREVENT - Water loss with Hydra Support
Preventing excess water loss is an important part of any winter skin care regimen; and is a powerful way to combat dry skin and signs of aging. Hydra Support contains Vegetal Filling Spheres that permeate the deeper surface skin layers to trap moisture and prevent excess water evaporation. As cells in the deeper skin surface swell with water, fine lines along the skin's surface are smoothed from beneath and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced. Hydra Support moisturizes your skin with a cool, refreshing sensation.

3. RESTORE - Moisture with Hydra Infusion Beauty Treatment and Skin Mist
We need to give our face extra attention in winter and hydrate regularly. Hydra Infusion Beauty Treatment and Skin Mist deliver critical moisture directly where it is needed most in your skin, such as your face and neck. Hydra Infusion Beauty Treatment contains sesame oil, lanolin and glycerin that work to improve smoothness, prevent dryness, and are packed with moisturizing properties. These ingredients are also some of nature's most powerful humectants, which are substances that preserve the moisture and water content of the skin and actually help with the absorption of water directly onto the skin where it's really needed. By applying the Skin Mist directly after the Hydra Infusion, you are supplying perfectly pure distilled water right onto your skin. The humectant loaded Hydra Infusion will grab this water and pull it onto your skin's surface for instant hydration.

4. EYES - Moisture with Eye Recovery
Just like the Hydra Support face moisturizer, DermaVitál's Eye Recovery contains Vegetal Filling Spheres to plump up tired skin and prevent excess water evaporation. The skin around the eyes is much more thin than other areas so the harsh climate of winter can severely dry out this delicate area and easily shows signs of ageing and exhaustion. Eye Recovery is developed specifically to combat dark circles and saggy looking skin by adding the moisture that is required to have bright youthful looking eyes.

5. PROTECT - Your skin against winter damage with Hydrating Body Moisturizer
Moisturizer is especially important when your skin is most vulnerable to dehydration - during winter months. This non-greasy lotion contains plant-based ingredients enriched with water-binding agents and antioxidants that protect your skin from drying out while also smoothing away signs of aging. Hydrating Body Moisturizer restores moisture balance and leaves your skin feeling fresh and revived.

Lips are especially prone to drying out because the delicate skin on and around the mouth retains less moisture than other parts of the body. Lip Lush is a super hydrating lip plumper keeps your lips fresh and smooth. Lip Lush moisturizes skin tissue in the lips and uses natural botanical extracts like safflower seed oil to smooth and soften the skin's appearance.


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