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Skin care routine

Sage advice

My 92 year old grandmother has fewer wrinkles than most 40 year olds. When I asked her for the secret to her amazing complexion, she starting telling me about houseplants. "You have to water them exactly the same amount on exactly the same day of the week. All living things like consistency." No, this wasn't a senior moment. She was telling me that consistency is good for your skin the same way routine watering is good for your orchids. If you could see the orchids at my grandma's house, you'd be impressed. If you could see her skin, you'd be amazed.

The basic routine

So grandma was right once again: a consistent skin care routine is an effective skin care routine. But what does this mean? Here we break down the steps to get you on your way to glorious skin. The basic beauty routine, outlined below, should be performed twice daily. You should customize this routine with products for your skin type and problem areas. And remember that just like your wardrobe, good skin care is both age appropriate and seasonal. What worked in your 20s won't be as effective in your 40s, and what does the trick in winter might be overkill in the summer. The basic routine goes like this:

1. Cleanse
Cleansing removes impurities like dirt, makeup, and grime and clears your skin so that products can better absorb. First wet your skin, then use your fingertips to spread a Cleanser on your face, then rinse. Remember to use lukewarm water. Gently pat your face with a clean towel, but leave some moisture on your face to prepare for step #2. (People with dry and sensitive skin will want to cleanse only once a day to avoid drying out the skin.)*

2. Moisturize
Moisturizer improves the skin's barrier function, reduces irritation, and creates a plush look. Apply a moisturizer (like Hydra Support and Hydra Infusion Beauty Treatment) to clean, moist skin. Gently tap your fingers on your face to massage your skin until all product is absorbed. Be careful not to tug or pull your skin as you do this.

3. Apply sun screen
UV rays can cause skin damage even on cloudy, overcast days. That's why it's important to protect your skin from the sun every day - not just on vacation in Hawaii. Be sure to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 15 minimum) on all exposed skin, including your lips. Wear sunglasses that protect against both UVA and UVB rays, and while you're at it, toss on a big sun hat (think Audrey Hepburn - oh so fabulous!). Remember to apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes before you head outside.

The enhanced routine for maximum results

The basic skin care routine is about maintenance - it keeps your skin functioning smoothly. It also helps your skin better absorb product. But to really help maximize product absorption, be sure to include DermaWand in your daily routine. It takes time to choose the right products, and you spend good money on them. So you want to get your money's worth and see results - right?

DermaWand prepares the skin to make it especially receptive to topical skincare products. Using DermaWand just a few minutes each morning and evening will stimulate and massage your skin and massage has been proven to improve circulation drawing blood and important nutrients to the skin's surface. DermaWand uses a high-frequency low voltage micro current technology that has a thermal effect to invigorate your skin's natural process of renewal and prepare your skin's surface for maximum effectiveness of your skin care regimen.

*After cleansing, some people use a toner, but be careful: many toners contain alcohol and can dry out or irritate your skin. Your skin needs that underlying sebum, so you don't want to strip away all oil with a toner. People with excessively oily skin can use toner, but in moderation. Some people also choose to exfoliate daily, but we don't recommend that either. Exfoliating once or twice a week might be good for some skin types, but it's easy to overdo it and cause damage or irritation. Lots of people have a fast enough cycle of new skin cell generation that they don't need to exfoliate daily.


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